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Today, risks are closely interconnected. They can affect all of us in unpredictable ways, and they are your concern as well as ours. By working together, we can find solutions to the challenge of interconnected risks: businesses, governments, communities and researchers all have a part to play. At Zurich, we see the big picture of interconnected risks and we collaborate with those who care about them. Our aim is to help our customers and other stakeholders understand and protect themselves from risk.

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Using private investor capital to increase NGO impact: a framework and key considerations to facilitate engagement

July 4, 2014

A report by Zurich and Population Services international gives valuable insights into how investors and NGOs can mutually benefit from closer cooperation.

The Role of Insurance in the Middle East and North Africa

May 8, 2014

Insurance can play a major role in developing countries, particularly those in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA. Insurance supports business development and helps people to achieve greater financial security. It contributes to long-term economic growth by protecting against personal and business risk, and augments capital formation. Policymakers, regulators and market participants in MENA countries can help insurance live up to its potential by working together to create a climate supportive of the industry, contributing to growth.

The Role of Insurance in Latin America

May 8, 2014

Latin America has experienced a remarkable recovery after suffering major economic and financial crises. Since 2003, Latin America’s GDP has grown more strongly than that of the advanced economies. With Europe facing a debt crisis, the world views Latin America as a source of stability. This positive development has been led by a strong expansion of domestic demand and high prices for natural resources and food. More sustainable domestic policies and a growing financial sector also have made an important contribution.